Smoking Policy

2 Queen Street East

2 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the building as per Toronto Public Health Department, No Smoking by-law No. 441-1999. This includes the parking lot, washrooms, stairwells, hallways, lobbies, and within all tenant premises as well.

Please instruct all employees that smoking and loitering in front of the building is prohibited.
If you know of anyone smoking in the building, please contact Building Security immediately at (416) 306-0854.

For further information please call the Toronto Public Health’s Smoke Free Helpline at (416) 392-0123 or visit their web-site:

The building prohibits smoking within a 9 metre radius of all entrances and exits.

Vapor/Electronic cigarettes are not approved by Health Canada nor supported by the Canadian Lung Association as a method to quit smoking. Health Canada does not know the long-term health impact on individuals using these products and how they may impact people around the users of these products. As a result, we are treating them the same way as traditional cigarettes and prohibiting them from use in the property. In keeping with our No Smoking Policy, the “Smoke Free” initiative will also apply to vapor/electronic cigarette use.
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