Removal of Material from your Premises

Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Removal of Material from your Premises

The removal of goods and/or materials from the Tenant’s premises after normal hours may be challenged by Security. In order to avoid complications, Tenants are asked to observe the following procedure:
  • All items being removed from your premises should be accompanied by a Property Removal Authorization Form (Section 9) or any variation of it may be reproduced on the Tenant’s stationery in the possession of the person removing the goods.
  • Within each Tenant’s office, only one (1) or two (2) person(s) should be authorized to sign for and allow the removal of goods - even items considered garbage.
  • The authorized person(s), so designated, should be identified by a letter on company Letterhead addressed to the Property Management Office who, in turn, will provide such Letter of Authorization to the Security Control Centre as a permanent reference.
  • All members of Tenant’s staff - especially those who work evenings - should be made aware of this procedure.
Should further clarification or assistance be necessary, please call the Property Management Office or the Security Control Centre.
Tenant Handbook