Tenant Responsibilities

Bay Adelaide West

333 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Tenant Responsibilities

The primary responsibility for the safety of employees rests with each tenant. Tenants are encouraged to appoint responsible and dependable employees to their Life Safety Team. All team members should participate in Life Safety training, provided at your convenience by the Security & Life Safety Department. Group presentations can be arranged by calling the Manager, Tenant Services at 647-260-1106.

As part of our ongoing commitment to tenant safety, Brookfield has produced a customized fire and life safety video which is available online at www.bayadelaidecentre.com. To view it, click on Tenant Resources and go to Life Safety & Security.. We strongly recommend that ALL employees view this video on a regular basis, and that new employees view it as part of their company orientation program. Employees should be introduced to their Life Safety Team in this orientation, and should be taken on an “emergency evacuation walk” noting the locations of emergency stairwell exits, crossover floors, etc.

Tenants are urged to participate in the Annual Fire Drill. The importance of these drills must not be underestimated as they allow employees to:
  • Become familiar with primary and secondary evacuation routes from your office.
  • Realize the length of time it takes to reach the ground floor and pre-determined meeting points
  • Understand the physical and mental conditions that exist in a restricted space, such as the stairwell, during a full evacuation
All employees should be encouraged to cooperate, following the directions of their Life Safety Team.

Employees should be instructed to report all smoke or suspicious odours to their Senior Fire Warden.

All fires, regardless of size, and even if they have been extinguished, must be reported to the Security Operations Centre at 647-260-1136.
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