Fire Drills

Hudson's Bay Centre

2 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Fire Drills

Brookfield conducts an annual fire drill, which simulates as closely as possible, actual emergency conditions. At the time of the drill, the alarm bell will be activated. All Tenants are urged to participate in the drill, following the directions of their Fire Safety Team and Brookfield personnel.

If you wish, you can arrange for a fire drill exclusively for your company by calling the Manager, Security & Life Safety at 416-963-4850.

Fire Preparedness
Each Tenant and their respective employees should be familiar with all the different elements that can affect their safety and security, including the Fire and Life Safety Video.

Building Fire Safety Plan
The fire safety plan relies on technology, including fire alarm and communications systems, sprinklers, smoke evacuation systems, door closers, and other safety mechanisms, and on Brookfield Properties staff and Tenant employees who are designated to assist with evacuation/relocation.

General Evacuation Procedure
In the event of an emergency, remain calm and call Security which will result in:

• The immediate dispatch of qualified fire and life safety personnel.
• A 911 call, if not already made by the Tenant reporting the emergency.

In the event it is necessary to evacuate part or all of the building, remain CALM and LISTEN to the instructions being given over the public address system, and by the building staff. Emergency exit stairwells are to be used for evacuation. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS unless instructed to do so over the public address system, or by Toronto Police Services or Toronto Fire Department representatives. Stairwell entrances are located on the north and south side of the building's core.

When using the emergency exit stairwell, keep to one side so that incoming emergency personnel can utilize the stairwell.

An up to date listing of personnel who require assistance during an evacuation, should be maintained by the Tenant, with copies provided to the Floor Warden and Security. In the event of an evacuation, these individuals should assemble near the service elevator to await assistance from rescue personnel.
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