Fire Drills

Bay Adelaide West

333 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Fire Drills

If you wish, you can arrange for a fire warden training exclusively for your company by calling the Manager, Security & Life Safety at 647-260-1105.

During the fire drill process, Senior Fire Wardens are requested to evaluate the performance of their teams using the Fire Drill Report Form available from the Manager, Security & Life Safety. Brookfield Office Properties conducts annual fire drills which simulate as closely as possible, actual emergency conditions. At the time of the drill, the evacuation tone will be activated. All tenants are urged to participate in the drill, following the directions of their Life Safety Team and Brookfield personnel.

If you wish, you can arrange for a fire drill exclusively for your company by calling the Manager, Security & Life Safety at 647-260-1105.

Fire Preparedness

The Fire Provisions section of this handbook contains very important information. Each tenant should be familiar with the information provided on the following pages. Listed below are a number of links to help find specific information quickly and easily.

Brookfield is proud of its efforts to provide the highest possible levels of fire and life safety protection, which include fire and life safety education, as well as planning for emergencies. It is important that each Brookfield tenant is well informed on all issues related to fire and life safety.
  • Tenants are given materials describing emergency guidelines and bomb threat checklists for distribution to all employees.
  • The tenant’s life safety team personnel receive the tenant Emergency Action Plan written specifically for Bay Adelaide Centre tenants.
  • Brookfield provides annual fire & life safety training for tenants where a customized video and Power Point presentation review all of the buildings safety features.
  • Brookfield holds annual fire drills to insure tenants know how to react in an emergency.
  • Brookfield, in conjunction with security consultants, holds seminars for Brookfield staff and for tenants. Seminar topics include fire life safety, bomb threat preparedness, and other personal security related issues.
Building Fire Safety Plan
The fire safety plan relies on technology, including fire alarm and communications systems, sprinklers, smoke evacuation systems, door closers, and other safety mechanisms, and on Brookfield's staff and tenant employees who are designated to assist with evacuation/relocation.

Tenant Floor Fire Wardens
A crucial step in the development of an evacuation plan is the appointment of tenant Floor Fire Wardens, and Alternates; these individuals should have strong personalities and the ability to take charge in the event of an emergency. Strong decisive actions early in an emergency may save lives.

In the case of multiple-tenant floors, a Floor Fire Warden is appointed for each tenant. Each tenant will be required to man all safety team positions on each floor and should check stairwells and restrooms in an emergency.

Floor Fire Warden Responsibilities
Know all persons requiring assistance on the floor including those temporarily requiring assistance, as with a bone fracture, etc. and assign persons who are capable of evacuating these employees down the Emergency Stairwells.

Instruct all employees on the floor as to the following:
  • Locations of Emergency Stairwells
  • Locations of Fire Extinguishers
  • Locations of Fire-Pull Stations
  • Never to use the Elevators during an alarm
  • Establish a meeting place at a safe distance away from the building where all employees should assemble for check-in. Insure that no one re-enters the building.
General Evacuation Procedure
In the event of an emergency or disruption to the building's normal operation the first reaction should be to REMAIN CALM and CALL THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT to report the emergency this will set in motion several events simultaneously:
  • The immediate dispatch of qualified assistance for fire, medical or other emergencies.
  • A call to municipal assistance organizations, i.e., fire, police, EMS.
In the event it is necessary to evacuate part or all of the building, remain CALM and LISTEN to the instructions being given over the public address system, and by the building staff. Emergency Exit Stairwells are to be used for evacuation. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS unless instructed to do so over the public address system, or by Toronto Police or Fire Department representatives. Stairwell entrances are located on the east and west side of the building's core.

When using the Emergency Exit Stairwell, keep to the right so that incoming emergency personnel can utilize the stairwell.

An up-to-date listing of all personnel who may need assistance should be kept by the Floor Fire Warden and be on file with the Security Department. In the event of an evacuation, those individuals should assemble near the service elevator to await evacuation by Rescue personnel where required.

Plans For After Any Emergency
Pre-assign a coordinator who will act as liaison between your company and officials from the Fire Department and building personnel.

Establish a communications network in writing for all employees for passing-on important information. It should include names and telephone numbers of the people each employee is assigned to call. Employees should keep this information at home.
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