Card Access System
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151 Yonge Street

151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

Card Access System

Base Building System
Access to all floors in the building is restricted to authorized persons generally from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. weekdays and from 6:00 p.m. Friday until 7:30 a.m., the first regular working day of the next week. Security Schedules can be customized to suite tenant requirements.

Tenants, upon leasing space, are requested to contact the Property Management Office and arrange for the necessary access cards for all employees who may require access. There is no initial fee for supplying access cards; however any lost, stolen or damaged cards will be subject to a replacement fee (Refer to Financial Requirements in this Guide for details).

Once a card has been issued, it is the Tenant's responsibility for their safekeeping and control. Upon request, the Property Management Office can produce a listing of active cards so that each tenant can review what cards are outstanding for their own space. Tenants are responsible for identifying any errors or omissions in their own card listing.

Any required security card additions and/or deletions for the base building's system must be done through the Property Management Office by completing the Security Card Access Change Form located in Building Forms in this Guide.

Visitors requiring access to your premises after hours must use the Courtesy Phone located at the lobby security desk to contact the Tenant. Once approved by the tenant, the tenant is required to come down and meet the visitor to provide escort to the tenant's premises. It is strongly recommended that Tenants advise the Property Management Office, of visitors working after hours to avoid the potential for unnecessary embarrassment.

Arrangements also need to be made to confirm there is an authorized contact already in the building able to be contacted by telephone and able to come to the lobby to retrieve visitors. No tradesmen will be permitted to access or work in off-hours without the prior approval of the
Property Manager or On-site Operations Personnel.

All tower elevator movements from the lobby upwards or from floor to floor will be controlled by the pre-programmed data on the access card. Security Guards or building staff will not, under any circumstances, open doors or permit access to any building areas except for pre-authorized tradesmen limited to a specific area.

Please provide us with an after-hours contact list containing the names and telephone numbers of those individuals within your company who may authorize access to your suites during off-hours (home and/or office). All individuals will be denied access during off-hours if they do not have an appropriate access card and if security cannot obtain proper authorization from a tenant contact over the phone.

The security officer will not, under any circumstance, utilize his/her access card to allow non-cardholders up into the tower, unless he/she has received authorization by telephoning an individual on your after-hours contact list.
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