Special Cleaning Services

Bay Adelaide West

333 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Special Cleaning Services

Hallmark Housekeeping, an independent housekeeping company, is currently under contract to provide housekeeping services.
In addition to the regular cleaning services you receive, these specialized cleaning services are offered to keep your work environment clean and productive at all times. To access information or to book a specialized cleaning service, please call the Cleaning Site Manager at 647-260-1142.

Special cleaning services are contracted on a user-fee basis. These include:
  • Desk and furniture waxing and polishing
  • Fabric furniture spot cleaning and shampooing
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Washing of metal furniture and composition desk tops
  • Supply of executive type hand towels, special hand soaps in private washrooms (if any)
  • Extra servicing of private washrooms, board rooms, specific executive areas, meeting rooms etc.
  • Treatment of wood paneling, doors and special effects
  • Ceiling and wall washing
  • Removal of overburden waste such as files or cartage of other heavy items
  • Special waxing and refinishing of floors above standard frequency
  • Cleaning of the underside of the computer area raised floor
  • Removal of waste in excess of normal office use
  • Disinfecting telephone mouthpieces with a germicide
  • Washing of partition glass
  • Servicing of offices after use on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, or service which occurs after normal building clean-up
  • Cleaning of computer rooms
  • Cleaning of coffee stations
  • Cleaning of dining/kitchen facilities, including washing of all ceilings and walls; cleaning of interior and exterior of kitchen hoods, hood filters, all ceiling vents, counter and cupboard spaces, all appliances (inside and out)
  • Cleaning of vault areas
  • Cleaning of light fixtures in situations where ceiling height exceeds that which is normal for the building
  • Dusting of high reach areas in situations where the ceiling height exceeds that which is normal for the building
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