Recycling Program

Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Recycling Program

In an effort to conserve the earth’s limited natural resources, Brookfield has instituted a recycling program at the building. All tenants are encouraged to participate in this program, which not only serves to protect our environment, but also helps reduce operating costs.

How the Recycling Program Works
Each workstation and/or desk will be supplied a “Blue Recycling Container” where the products noted below must be deposited.

Computer/Fax Paper
Copy & Multipurpose Paper  Brown/Window Envelopes
Telephone Directories Card & Cover Stock Supply Boxes/File Folders
Carbonless Paper Self-Adhesive Paper
Aluminum Cans
Newspapers Steel Food Containers
Glass Bottles & Jars Plastic Screw-Top Bottles  Paper cups/Paper Coffee Cups

The following items should not be deposited in the “Blue Recycling Container” and must be placed in waste receptacles.

Bubble Envelopes  Plastic Take-Out Containers #6 Plastic Bags/Wrap 
Glass Cups/Dishes Polystyrene Containers #6 Aluminum Foil
Latex & Rubber Gloves    

Each kitchen will be supplied with an “Organics Bin” where the products noted below must be deposited. These bins will be emptied each evening.

Fruit/Vegetable Peelings  Table Scraps  Meat/Fish/Bones
Dairy Products Eggs/Eggshells Bread/Dough/Desserts
Rice/Pasta Spoiled Food Grinds/Filter/Tea Bags
Soiled Paper Towels    

Areas that generate large volumes of recyclable paper, larger blue containers will be supplied. Also recycling containers will be supplied to kitchen and lunchrooms for glass and can recycling. Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain additional recyclable containers.

The Housekeeping Staff will remove the contents from all “Blue Recycling Containers” each day to complete the process.

Where there are coffee stations, we recommend that the Tenant use heavy-duty plastic bags in their garbage containers to eliminate any liquids from leaking on to the carpets. Coffee stains are especially difficult to remove.
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