Recycling Program

Hudson's Bay Centre

2 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Recycling Program

In an effort to conserve the earth’s limited natural resources, Brookfield has a national waste management and recycling program at the building. All tenants are encouraged to participate in this program, which not only serves to protect our environment, but also helps reduce operating costs.

• All paper e.g. magazines, newspaper, photocopy paper, envelopes

• Flattened boxes

Mixed Container Recycling
• Paper cups
• Plastic containers (except #6 type)
• Glass bottles and jars
• Aluminium and metal cans
• Food containers (only if clean)

• Paper towels and tissues
• Coffee grinds
• Food scraps.
• Paper plates

• Plastic bags and wrap
• Aluminum foil
• Soiled food containers

Each office workstation and/or desk will be supplied a blue deskside paper recycling bin. Larger blue containers will be provided for areas that generate large volumes of recyclable paper. Organic collection bins and mixed container recycling bins are supplied to kitchen and lunchrooms for organic material and bottle/can/plastic/coffee cup recycling respectively. Please contact the 310-SERV to obtain additional recyclable containers on a chargeable basis. Do not store any shoes or personal items in, or on top of the blue recycling or waste containers. Separate paper and stationery from other recyclable materials, such as bottles and cans. Please use the appropriate recycling containers, as supplied by Housekeeping.

The Housekeeping Staff will remove the contents from all blue recycling and organic material containers in office premises each night to complete the process. Flattened cardboard should be stored in a designated area. Housekeeping will pick up all cardboard on a nightly basis from Office Tenants. Retail Tenants should contact 310-SERV to arrange pick up of cardboard. If you accumulate a large number of cartons or boxes during business hours, please call 310-SERV. These items will be picked up and removed accordingly.

Organic waste should be kept in the containers provided and will be picked up from Retail Tenants in the food court. All Retail Tenants should take recycling material directly to the Retail Loading Dock.

Call 310-SERV to arrange a pickup of household type batteries. These will be properly disposed of. Please make your own arrangements to dispose of large batteries, such as UPS batteries. Contact your printer cartridge supplier to see if they will recycle used toner cartridges.

Confidential and secure shredding is provided onsite or offsite Contact Michael Glyn Williams of Wasteco at (416) 833-0900 to arrange service.
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