Recycling Program

151 Yonge Street

151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

Recycling Program

In an effort to conserve the earth's limited natural resources, Brookfield Office Properties has instituted a recycling program at the building. All tenants are encouraged to participate in this program, which not only serves to protect our environment, but also helps reduce operating costs.

Blue Bin Recycling
There are two types of Blue bins in use on each floor. The small blue “Desksiders” bins are for paper waste and the large blue “Bullet” bins, are for bottle cans and plastics.
All items placed in the blue recycling bins should be free of food contamination.
Following is a list of what can go into each bin.

Small Blue “Desksider” Recycling Bin (located in under office desks)
Glossy Paper     Brown Kraft Paper     Coloured Paper 
Computer Paper   Photocopy Paper   Envelopes(all types)
Fax Paper   File Folders   Gummed Paper
Magazines   Telephone Books   NCR Paper
Newspapers   Shredded Paper   Sticky Notes

(Building Management will supply large blue recycling containers for those areas that generate
larger volumes of recyclable paper.)

Large Blue “Bullet” Recycling Bins (located in the kitchen/kitchenettes)
  Coffee Cups            
Plastic Containers
Glass   Straws
Stir Sticks

Green Bin Recycling (Organics)
There are two sizes of Green “Organics” Recycling bins, small beige countertop bins and large green floor bins. These bins are for the food items listed below:

  Vegetable scraps
Herbs   Egg Shells   Shellfish
Spices   Bones
  Fish Products
Tea Bags     
  Coffee Grounds
  Dairy Products
Filters   Cake   Candies/Cookies

The Housekeeping Staff will remove the contents from all the Blue and Green Recycling bins each night to complete the process.

The following items are not recyclable and should be placed in waste receptacles:

  Blue Print Paper   Bubble wrap
Wax Paper   Wax Cardboard
Plastic Bags   Kleenex Tissues
  Plastic Cutlery
Used Paper Plates   Foil/Plastic Wrap  

Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain additional recyclable containers if required.

Please use the bin located at the front Security desk on the ground floor to recycle your used inkjet or laser cartridges, cellphones, batteries, computers, laptops, cameras, hard drives, Cd's & DVD's, Mp3 Players and Media Tapes and network phones.

Please join the Management of 151 Yonge Street in reducing our environmental footprint by recycling properly. Together we can all make a huge difference.
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