Nightly Services

Bay Adelaide Centre

333 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Nightly Services

Office areas are provided with housekeeping services 5 days a week, excluding holidays, in accordance with Schedule “E” of your lease, for your office, excluding private washrooms.

Nightly service includes:
  • Empty all trash receptacles and recycling containers and replacing all liners as necessary.
  • Remove all collected trash and recycled materials to a designated area.
  • Dust and spot clean all furniture, fixtures and accessories (providing desk surfaces are cleaned).
  • Spot clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces (up to eye level).
  • Spot clean the carpeted area where necessary
  • Spot clean all partition glass (up to eye level).
  • Spot clean all walls, light switches and doors.
  • Clean and polish drinking fountains.
  • Dust mop all hard surface floors with a treated mop.
  • Mop all stains and spills on hard surface floors.
  • Vacuum all carpeted traffic lane areas (corridors, reception area and board rooms).
Periodic Housekeeping Services
Additional housekeeping services will be provided in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Weekly:
    • Dust high and low areas (pictures, clocks, partition tops, etc.)
    • Vacuum all carpets
  • Monthly:
    • Clean all partition glass
    • Vacuum fabric office furniture
    • Mop the entire hard surface areas
    • Machine spray buff all hard surface floors
  • Semi-Annually:
    • Dust and/or vacuum Venetian/vertical blinds
    • Machine scrub hard surface floors, apply polish and buff
  • Yearly:
    • Strip hard surface floors, apply polish and buff
  • Where Required:
    • Wash all trash containers using a germicidal detergent monthly
  • Strip and refinish all hard surface floors - Semi-annually.
  • All partition glass washed - Semi-annually.
  • Vents and diffusers vacuumed and washed - Semi-annually.
  • Disinfect phone mouthpieces - Weekly.
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