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151 Yonge Street

151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario


The building is serviced by 9 elevators, as follows:

151 Yonge Street
  • The 6 Passenger elevators service floors Ground to 19.
  • The freight elevator services all floors in the tower, including P1 and the Pent House.
  • 2 parking shuttles service the parking levels, Ground to P4.

3 of the 6 Passenger elevators are equipped with security card readers providing access after normal business hours.

Emergency Intercom:
Each elevator is equipped with an emergency telephone, which automatically rings at our off-site monitoring company when the emergency call button is depressed.

When the operator answers provide them with the elevator number you are located in and the nature of the problem. They will contact the building's operator and elevator contractor to provide assistance. Remain calm. Help will arrive shortly.

Fire Alarms and Power Failure

During a fire alarm condition the elevators will home to the ground floor and the doors will remain in the opened position once they reach this floor. Remember that the elevators must not be used during a fire alarm condition and are for the fire department use only.

Emergency power is supplied to each elevator during a power failure. In the event of power failure each elevator homes to the ground floor one at a time to allow the occupants to disembark.
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