Utility Service Access

Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Utility Service Access

Access to a floor’s mechanical, electrical or telephone rooms are not available except by prior arrangement and then only for specific authorized purposes. No dedicated tenant equipment will be permitted in these rooms without prior written approval from Property Management.

Proper Installation of Communication Cables
Installing telephone, communication, computer and/or intercom cables in the ceiling plenum without appropriate conduit, is distinctly contrary to Brookfield's base building specifications and local Fire Codes. In the interest of Fire Prevention, and to avoid other related hazards, this must be avoided.

No telephone, communication, computer or other cables may be installed, in Queen’s Quay Terminal without the prior approval and consent of the Property Management Office. In any event, no wiring of any kind shall be installed without the required conduit, nor shall any loose wire or cable be allowed to remain unencased or unpanelled in the ceiling plenums.

Failure to comply with the essential requirement will oblige the Property Management Office to take appropriate corrective measures - wholly at the risk and expense of the Tenant who may have ordered and sanctioned the installations. Before proceeding, contact the Operations Manager who will arrange for the necessary conduit installation.
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