Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario


Maintenance to Entrance Doors
Regular maintenance of the entrance door lock is a very important procedure that should be carried out on a regular basis, by each Tenant.

Entrance doors have the locking mechanism at the bottom of the door. The slot in the floor that accepts the lock striker is often filled with dirt, which restricts the striker from resting in the correct position when locked. This may result in finding the door unlocked any time during the night. Keeping the striker slot clean will prevent this from happening.

Tenants with sliding front doors are responsible for keeping the tracks clean. This will avoid unnecessary damage to the door rollers and will cut down costly repairs, which are at the Tenant’s expense.

Operation of Exterior Overhead Doors
The Tenant Service Centre personnel will monitor overhead doors in the public area of the Centre.

Doors in leased premises are the responsibility of the Tenants and can be kept open or closed at the merchant’s option.

The care and maintenance of the overhead doors are also the responsibility of each Tenant. For assistance with respect to these items, please contact the Tenant Service Centre at 416 310-SERV.

In the event of inclement weather and/or interior environmental problems, Tenant Service Centre staff will exercise the final authority on when the doors are to be kept closed, even in Tenant areas.

During the winter months, you may find it necessary to winterize the doors to stop cold drafts from coming in. This service can be provided for you, at minimal cost, by contacting the Tenant Service Centre at 416 310-SERV.
Tenant Handbook