Building Rules and Regulations

Fifth Avenue Place

420 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary , Alberta

Building Rules and Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations have been adopted for the safety, benefit and convenience of all tenants and other persons in the Building. The Tenant shall at all times comply with, the Rules and Regulations that are currently in effect.

Rules and Regulations
  • The Tenant shall not permit in the Premises any cooking or the use of any apparatus for the preparation of food or beverages (except for the use of coffee makers, kettles, microwave ovens or refrigerators or where the Landlord has approved of the installation of cooking facilities as part of the Tenant's Leasehold Improvements) nor the use of any electrical apparatus likely to cause an overloading of electrical circuits.
  • The sidewalks, entries, passages, corridors, lobbies, elevators and staircase shall not be obstructed or used by the Tenant, his agents, servants, contractors, invitees or employees for any purpose other than ingress to and egress from the offices. The Landlord reserves entire control of the Common Area and all parts of the Development and the Land employed for the common benefit of the Tenants.
  • The Tenant, his agents, servants, contractors, invitees or employees, shall not bring in or take out, position, construct, install or move any safe, business machine or other heavy office equipment without first obtaining the consent in writing of the Landlord. In giving such consent, the Landlord shall have the right in its sole discretion, to prescribe the weight permitted and the position thereof, and the use and design of planks, skids or platforms to distribute the weight thereof. All damage done to the Development by moving or using any such heavy equipment or other office equipment or furniture shall be repaid at the expense of the Tenant.
  • The moving of all heavy equipment or other office equipment or furniture shall occur between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. or any other time consented to by the Landlord and the persons employed to move the same in and out of the Development must be acceptable to the Landlord. Safes and other heavy office equipment will be moved through the halls and corridors only upon steel bearing plates. No deliveries requiring the use of an elevator for freight purposes will be received into the Development or carried in the elevators, except during hours approved by and scheduled through the Landlord. Only elevators so designated by the Landlord shall be used for deliveries of workmen and materials, furniture and other freight. The Tenant shall pay, as Additional Rents, any costs incurred by the Landlord in connection with the moving of the Tenant's equipment, furniture, etc.
  • The Landlord will have the right to prevent any person from entering or leaving the Development unless provided with a key to the premises to which such person seeks entrance and a pass in a form to be approved by the Landlord and provided at the Tenant's expense. Any persons found in the Development at such times without such keys or passes will be subject to the surveillance of the employees and agents of the Landlord. The Landlord shall be under no responsibility for failure to enforce this rule.
  • The Tenant shall not place or cause to be placed any additional locks upon any doors of the Premises without the approval of the Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and subject to any conditions imposed by the Landlord. Additional keys may be obtained from the Landlord at the cost of the Tenant. Locks must conform with building standards.
  • The water closets and other water apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags, ashes or other substances shall be thrown therein. Any damage resulting from misuse shall be repaired at the cost of the Tenant by whom or by whose agents, servants or employees the same is caused. Tenants shall not let the water run unless it is in actual use, and shall not deface or mark any part of the Development, or drive nails, spikes, hooks or screws into the walls or woodwork of the Development.
  • No one shall use the Premises for sleeping apartments or residential purposes, or for any illegal purpose, or for the storage of personal effects or articles other than those required for business purposes.
  • Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Development or Common Areas are prohibited.
  • Any hand trucks, carry-alls, mail carts, or similar appliances used in the Development shall be equipped with rubber tires, side guards and such other safeguards as the Landlord shall require.
  • With the exception of service animals, no live animals are permitted in the complex.
  • The Tenant shall not install or permit the installation or use of any machine dispensing goods for sale in the Premises or the Development or permit the delivery of any food or beverages to the Premises without the approval of the Landlord or in contravention of any regulations made by the Landlord. Only persons authorized by the Landlord shall be permitted to deliver or to use the elevators in the Development for the purpose of delivering food or beverages to the Premises. The Landlord acknowledges that the Tenant, acting reasonably, will be permitted to have small quantities of food and beverages delivered to the Premises provided such delivery does not interfere with traffic flow to the Development and with Development operation.
  • The Tenant shall not perform any acts or carry on any practice which may damage the Development or the Common Areas or be a nuisance to any Tenant in the Development.
  • The Tenant shall keep all mechanical apparatus free of vibration and noise which may be transmitted beyond the Premises.
  • The Tenant shall not use or permit the use of any objectionable advertising medium such as without limitation, loud speakers, stereos, public address systems, sound amplifiers, radio broadcast or television apparatus within the Development which is in any manner audible or visible outside of the Premises.
  • The Tenant shall not mark, drill into, bore or cut or in any way damage or deface the walls, ceilings, or floors of the Premises. No wires, pipes, conduits, telephonic, telegraphic, electronic wire service or other connections shall be installed in the Premises without the prior written approval of the Landlord.
  • The Tenant shall not, except with the prior written consent of the Landlord, install any blinds, drapes, curtains or other window coverings in the Development and shall not remove, add to or change the blinds, curtains, drapes or other window coverings installed by the Landlord from time to time. So that the Development may have a uniform appearance from the outside, the Tenant shall co-operate with the Landlord in keeping window coverings open or closed at various times as the Landlord may reasonably, from time to time, direct.
  • The Tenant shall not use any janitor, telephone or electrical closets for anything other than their originally intended purposes.
  • The Tenant shall abide and be bound by the Security Services in force in the Development from time to time. For the purpose of this clause, the term "Security Services" shall mean all aspects of security for the Development and the Lands, including equipment, procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to such security.
  • No public or private auction or other similar type of sale of any goods, wares or merchandise shall be conducted in or from the Premises.
  • Nothing shall be placed on the outside of window sills or projections of the Premises, nor shall the Tenant place any air-conditioning unit or any other equipment or projection so that it will project out from the Premises. The Tenant may not install air-conditioning equipment of any kind in any part of the Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
  • All glass and trimmings in, upon or about the doors and windows of the Premises shall be kept whole, and whenever any part thereof shall become broken, the same shall be immediately replaced or repaired under the direction and to the satisfaction of the Landlord and shall be paid for by the Tenant as Additional Rents.
  • No bicycles or other vehicles shall be brought within the Development except as specifically designated by the Landlord.
  • No inflammable oils or other inflammable, dangerous or explosive materials shall be brought into the Development or kept or permitted to be kept in the Premises.
  • In the event the Premises are used for restaurant or food handling purposes, the Tenant shall, at its expense:
    • carry out at least monthly a roach spraying program, and provide evidence thereof to the Landlord, and
    • clean all exhaust ducts at least twice yearly, and provide evidence thereof to the Landlord.
  • Any Tenant that disposes of biomedical waste, contaminants or other biomedical hazards (as defined by any rule, regulation, policy, or statute having force of law in the Province where the Premises are located) in their Premises, or as part of the use of their Premises, shall provide the Landlord annually no later than January 7 of each calendar year, and in any event within 2 business days of the Landlord’s written request, a fully executed copy of an agreement entered into with an certified biohazard waste disposal vendor, failing which, among other things, the Landlord may contact the Provincial and/or Federal governing bodies responsible for the disposal of such substances and notify them of the Tenant’s non compliance, the Landlord shall be entitled to retain such services at the Tenant’s costs, which costs shall be subject to an administrative charge of 15%, all of which become then immediately due and payable under the Tenant’s Lease.
  • The building prohibits smoking within a 9 metre radius of all entrances and exits. Vapor/electronic cigarettes are prohibited from use within the building.
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