Tenant Service Requests (310-SERV)

Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Tenant Service Requests (310-SERV)

310-SERV is a centralized Call Centre which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All requests for service and maintenance (including heating, cooling, cleaning, lighting, electrical, plumbing, locksmith services, general maintenance and building services), should be directed to the Brookfield Tenant Service Centre at 310-SERV (7378) or www.310serv.com.

Any billable work will require advance authorization by the appropriate individual in your company.

Tenant Services
Brookfield's goal is to provide outstanding tenant service at all times. This means:

• Courteous, timely, efficient, high quality responses to tenant requests.
• A follow up review to confirm that the Tenant is satisfied with the response.
• Clear and accurate invoicing when there is a charge for the service.

Each Lease contains specific information about services to be provided, including complimentary and chargeable services. Your Manager, Tenant Services is pleased to answer any questions you may have about charges for services being requested.

Services may be provided by Brookfield staff or by outside contractors hired by Brookfield. Tenant representatives can submit requests for routine maintenance using the 310-SERV telephone number or via our online system at www.310serv.com.

Brookfield performs weekly Customer Satisfaction Surveys on at least 5% of all service requests submitted through our Call Centre. These surveys are used to gather feedback for continuous improvement on the customer service provided by Brookfield’s Operations staff and Property Management teams. Tenant participation in these surveys is imperative to this continuous improvement and, as such, Brookfield strongly encourages Tenants to take part in the process and values all input provided.
Tenant Handbook