Tenant Insurance Requirements

Bankers Court

850 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary , Alberta

Tenant Insurance Requirements

Your lease includes a provision requiring that you must obtain and keep current varying types of insurance for your premises in the Building (please refer to your lease for details).

A Certificate of Insurance, verifying your coverage as required under the lease, must be delivered to the Property Management Office before assuming tenancy in the Building. A new certificate must be forwarded to the Property Management Office at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiry of the policy.

Any contractor who will be performing a service for you in your space at any time of day or night must have a Work Authorization Permit, insurance information and a clear WCB report submitted to the Property Management office (Suite 800, 335 8th Avenue SW - Royal Bank Building) at least 48 hours prior to any work being performed. This includes furniture movers, pop/juice delivery personnel, carpet cleaners, etc. Permits are available at the Security Control Room located in the east corridor off the Retail area of Bankers Hall Complex. Tenants must request and provide copies of a Certificate of Insurance from all vendors who perform work within their space at the time they submit a Work Authorization Permit form. Access will be denied to anyone who does not have the correct documentation approved by both the tenant and Brookfield.

Each permit must have insurance naming the Landlord as co-insured or additional insured:
  • Brookfield Properties (BHT) Ltd. and bcIMC Realty Corporation,
    Brookfield Office Properties Management LP,
    Brookfield Office Properties Management Corporation, 
  • Brookfield Properties Ltd. and The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada
Each permit must also have a WCB Clearance letter attached to it. Any company performing a service for a tenant should have WCB coverage and all premiums should be paid in full to receive a clearance letter. If a contractor is hired and the premiums are not up to date, WCB has the right to require the tenant to pay all outstanding premiums and, should an injury occur, the tenant will be responsible for all costs associated with that injury.
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