Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario


A building standard sign program has been established for the main lobby, elevator lobby and at your premise entrance, which must be adhered to. Please complete the Sign Request Form located in Building Forms of this guide and return it to the Property Management Office.

It is important that you enter the exact wording and punctuation, as the signs will be ordered exactly as they appear on the form. Please note that it will take approximately three (3) weeks from the time the signs are ordered until they are delivered to the building. Unless otherwise stipulated in your lease, the cost of all signs is at the tenant’s expense (refer to Financial Requirements for details). Please contact the Property Management Office for further details and costs applicable.

Please note that no signs and lettering shall be inscribed, placed or affixed in the leased premises or the building which is visible from the exterior of the building or common areas unless authorized by the Landlord.

Individual designs for Corporate Identity Signage at your office entrance must be approved by the Property Management Office prior to the implementation of any plan. While Tenants are allowed a fair degree of latitude in the matter, all signage must conform to a high standard and blend in effectively with our established corridor décor.

Design drawings, separate from the architectural renovation plans, are to be sent in duplicate to the Property Management Office to initiate the approval process. These drawings should indicate location, size, material and colour of all proposed signage.

A building standard sign program has been established for the 1st floor Retail Directory. Please complete the Sign Request Form located in Building Forms of this guide and return it to the Property Management

Store Exterior Identification
Tenants are entitled to erect, at their own expense, a sign on the front of the Premises to identify their business. The sign must be in keeping with the Design Criteria, and prior to erection, shall be approved by the Property Management Office as to location, design and content. The sign must comply with all bylaws, regulations and any governing authority and shall, at all times, be maintained by the Tenant.

Store Interior Signage
Tenants are not allowed to affix names, advertisements, sale signs or decals to the window or door of their Premises. No handmade signs will be tolerated anywhere on the Premises. Paper posters or other such printed materials should not be taped or tacked to windows, sales counters, pillars, etc. Special posters of Sale signs professionally prepared and displayed in proper signage holders will be permitted as well as signage supplied by the Property Management Office of the complex for promotional events, US Exchange, etc.

Retail Tenant Sign holders, Chalkboards and Merchandise Displays
All signs in sign holders, chalkboards, rolling racks, etc. are required to be within the store Premises and not blocking the store entrance or infringing into the common area. Any deviations from the above must be requested in writing, and authorized by the Property Management Office.

Tenants are asked to keep all store display windows suitably illuminated each day from closing to store opening the following day. This will ensure that passers-by will be able to see store merchandise through the windows.

Common Area Sign holders
Sign holders, which are the property of the Property Management, are placed at entrances and throughout the common area. These sign holders are for the promotion of Queen’s Quay at Queen’s Quay Terminal and not for the individual use of the Tenants.

Full clean up and repairs are to be undertaken when necessary. Washing of windows inside Premises is the responsibility of the Tenant.

We request your fullest co-operation in respect to all points outlined as they will be monitored on a regular basis by the Property Management Office.
Tenant Handbook