Bicycle Racks

Brookfield Place Bay Wellington Tower

181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Bicycle Racks

To better serve Tenants who cycle to work, Brookfield Place is equipped with a secured access bicycle storage area which is located at the bottom of the Front Street ramp, on the P1 Level of the parking garage. The enclosure can accommodate up to 75 bicycles and cyclists are provided with access cards to gain entry. Cameras have been installed and the area is monitored by Security. Tenants pay an annual fee for this service, awarded on a lottery basis.

There is also a complimentary bicycle rack adjacent to the secure bicycle storage. For information about obtaining a space, please visit the Parking Office on the P1 Level or call 416-777-6468.

Please note Brookfield encourages Tenants to use bicycle locks in the storage area and to take valuables with them.
Tenant Handbook