Additional Services/Building Amenities

Place de Ville II

330 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Additional Services/Building Amenities

Building Amenities
Amenities specific to Place de Ville include:
  • Views of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River
  • Steps away from Transit-way
  • Underground Parking Facility for 974 vehicles
  • 24-hour manned security with Key-Card-access
  • On-site Food Court/ATMs / Newsstand
  • Building entrances located on Kent, Queen, and Albert Streets
  • Concourse connects to Marriott and Crowne Plaza Hotels
Engineering Services
Tenants may need special engineering services, including repairs to private bathrooms, replacement of non-standard ceiling tiles, and installation of additional thermostats. The tenant is billed at established rates for engineering services.

Engineering requests are processed and billed as follows:

A member of the engineering department staff investigates the situation.

If possible, the problem is resolved immediately.

If materials must be purchased or completing the repair requires further planning or other assistance, the engineer consults the building manager. They then plan the work and prepare a time-and-materials estimate for tenant approval.

Carpenter Services
The engineering department can provide a variety of minor carpentry services, including installing shelves, hanging pictures, and repairing chairs or cabinets.

Prior to work commencing, the tenant will be required to acknowledge the cost of work for which the tenant is responsible.

If a need for repairs is noticed throughout the building, please notify the Building Management Office at (613) 783-0930. Our staff welcomes your information and assistance in maintaining Place de Ville as a first-class office environment.

If electrical, plumbing or other above standard repairs are requested within your premises, please log on to the Building Service Request System. A service request must be submitted to the Building Management Office. The work will be completed by building maintenance personnel or outside contractors who are familiar with the building.

For more information about Building Service Requests please call the management office.

Tenant Services
Brookfield's goal is to provide outstanding tenant service at all times. This means:

Courteous, timely, efficient, high-quality responses to tenant requests

A follow-up review to confirm that the tenant is satisfied with the response

When there is a charge for the tenant service, clear and accurate invoicing

Each lease contains specific information about services to be provided, including complimentary and chargeable services. If a tenant is unfamiliar with charges for services being requested, the cost of the service will be explained.

Tenant services may be provided by Brookfield staff or by outside contractors hired by Brookfield. Place de Ville authorized tenant representatives can submit requests for routine maintenance.
Tenant Handbook