Brookfield utilizes ENERGY STAR to measure and monitor energy performance as well as to ensure continual progress in limiting emissions of greenhouse gases. Brookfield has made strides in the past few years. At the end of 2010, 47 properties have been registered in the ENERGY STAR program, an increase from five properties three years ago. As of the end of 2011, 83 percent of Brookfield's portfolio is ENERGY STAR certified.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Properties

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KBR Tower 33 S Sixth Street / City Center
75 State Street 500 Jefferson RBC Plaza
Republic Plaza Total Plaza One World Financial Center
2401 Pennsylvania Avenue Bank of America Plaza Grace Building
Two Allen Center Ernst & Young Plaza Edison Place
Three Allen Center  Marina Towers North 1200 K Street
1400 Smith Street Marina Towers South Heritage Plaza
Continental Center I Landmark Square 1250 Connecticut Avenue
Continental Center II Figueroa at Wilshire 1400 K Street
1625 Eye Street 2001 M Street One Reston Crescent
2000 L Street Victor Building Silver Spring Metro Plaza 8403
245 Park Avenue Two Ballston Plaza Silver Spring Metro Plaza 8401
Two Reston Crescent     77 K Street 1550 Wilson Boulevard
Total Plaza 1801 California Street 1560 Wilson Boulevard
Bethesda Crescent/7401 Bethesda Crescent/4600 Bethesda Crescent/7475