Testing of Public Address System

Queen's Quay Terminal

207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Testing of Public Address System

On the last Wednesday of each month, testing of the Public Address System will take place at 11:00 p.m. for the Office Tower and Retail Mall.

The following message will be announced:

“Your attention, please! Your attention, please! This is building security. We are currently testing the fire alarm system. Building personnel are testing the paging system and alarm tones. Please continue with your normal activities. Should a real alarm occur you will be informed immediately. Thank you for your patience.” (Repeat message twice)

If you cannot leave the Premises
If you cannot leave your premises or have returned to it because of fire or heavy smoke, REMAIN IN YOUR PREMISES and:
  • Close the door
  • Unlock the door for possible entry by fire fighters
  • Dial 911 and inform the Toronto Fire Department where you are, then signal to fire fighters by waving a sheet/towel.
  • Seal all cracks where smoke can get in by using wet towels or sheets. Seal transoms and air conditioning outlets.
  • A roll of wide masking tape/duct tape may be useful.
  • Keep low to the floor if smoke enters the room.
  • Move to the most protected room and partially open the window for air if possible. Close the window if smoke comes in.
  • Wait to be rescued. Remain calm. Do not panic or jump.
  • Listen for instructions or information given for authorized personnel.
Tenant Handbook