Tenant Responsibilities

324 Queen Street

324 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland

Tenant Responsibilities

The primary responsibility for the safety of employees rests with each Tenant. Tenants are encouraged to appoint responsible employees to be involved in the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

Each employee should review details of fire and life safety procedures during their company orientation. Tenants should ensure all employees are aware of the following:
  • Locations of emergency stairwells
  • Locations of fire extinguishers
  • Locations of manual pull stations
  • Elevator use during an alarm
  • Your predetermined meeting place following an evacuation
Tenants are required to participate in the building’s annual fire drill. The importance of these drills must not be underestimated as they allow employees to:
  • Become familiar with primary and secondary evacuation routes from your premises.
  • Realise the length of time it takes to reach the Ground Level and predetermined meeting place.
  • Understand the physical and mental conditions that exist in a restricted space, such as the stairwell, during a full evacuation.
Employees should be instructed to report any smoke or suspicious odours to their Chief Warden immediately.

All fires, regardless of size, and even if they have been extinguished, must be reported to emergency services and the Concierge.
Tenant Handbook