Brookfield Place Bay Wellington Tower

181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario


For the privacy of Tenants, solicitation is not permitted in Brookfield Place. Security does their very best to prevent solicitation from unwanted visitors from entering the complex during normal business hours. However, due to the large number of people entering and exiting the complex, unwanted visitors may manage to elude Security.

If an unwanted visitor enters your premises:

  1. Ask him or her to have a seat while you contact the appropriate member of your staff.
  2. Call the Building Control Centre at 416-777-6462 from an adjoining office to request assistance.
  3. A Security Officer will be immediately dispatched to your suite to address the situation.

If the unwanted visitor leaves your suite prior to the arrival of the Security Officer, please provide a full description of the individual. as this information will assist Security in their investigation.

Tenant Handbook