Power Failure

Royal Bank Building

335 - 8th Avenue SW, Calgary , Alberta

Power Failure

While power failures rarely occur due to an internal building system problem, external occurrences can cause power loss. Bankers Hall Complex has been designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the Complex. The Complex is equipped with an emergency power generator providing power to the life safety equipment (i.e., exit signs, elevators, emergency lights and main fire equipment).

Once emergency power is activated, each elevator, one at a time, will proceed to the ground level allowing the occupants to disembark. One elevator per bank is available for use during a power outage, with use restricted to emergency personnel. In the unlikely event of a power loss, announcements will be made providing regular updates via the Fire Alarm System.

All suites and public areas are equipped with independently powered exit signs and emergency lights. Should power failure occur, these will remain lit until normal power is restored.

In the event of an electrical failure, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Contact the Property Management Office.
  • Open draperies and raise blinds to let in outside light.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate the building, lock all areas of your premises and remember to take your key and proceed down the stairwells.
  • Do not congregate in the lobby areas or in the street.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, do not panic. Wait for assistance. Your elevator will cease moving temporarily. Do not attempt to force the doors open or escape through the roof hatch. Use the elevator telephone to contact Security to notify them of your location. As soon as possible, each elevator will be called to ground to discharge passengers until all have been cleared. This may take time but be patient.
  • Property Management will notify you as soon as possible when power will be restored.
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