Fire Drills

Place de Ville II

330 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held once a year, typically in fall. A letter giving the date and time of the planned fire drill is sent to tenants in advance. Tenants are periodically requested to supply or update an existing list that shows the fire wardens, assistant floor wardens, and a current list of employees who would require assistance in case of relocation/evacuation.

During a fire drill - and in an actual fire emergency - employees should move calmly and quickly to the nearest fire exit and proceed to their relocation floor. Fire drills are conducted as follows:

The alarm is activated.

Floor wardens and assistant floor wardens “sweep” their floors their assigned areas and close doors behind them.

They report to the Security Desk the number of people remaining on the floor and number and location people requiring assistance to evacuate.

These procedures are repeated for each affected floor.

After the drill has been successfully completed, an “all clear” announcement is made, and tenants may resume normal duties.

When the fire drill for each floor has been completed, the building manager will notify tenants in writing of any specific problems.
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