Fire Alarm Sounds
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324 Queen Street

324 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland

Fire Alarm Sounds

The Fire Alarm Sounds - What do you do?

The building is equipped with a two stage fire alarm system. It has two separate and distinct tones:
  1. The Alert Tone is recognised by an intermittent beeping tone (beep beep).
  2. The Evacuation Tone is recognised by siren tone (whoop whoop).
The Alert Tone sounds - What do you do?

The intermittent beeping tone indicates a potential fire condition somewhere in the building. Remain at your work station, but be prepared to leave the building if it becomes necessary.

The Evacuation Tone Sounds - What do you do?

  1. Do not wait for announcements.
  2. Remain calm and immediately evacuate via the nearest fire exit, closing all doors behind you.
  3. Follow the directions of the Wardens.
  4. Do not use elevators as they will automatically “home” to the ground floor or alternate floor.
  5. Do not return to the premises until the Fire Brigade or Building Management personnel has announced that the alarm condition has been cleared.
Listen to announcements/instructions via the voice communication system and follow the instructions of the Wardens.
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