Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Control Organisation

Infrastructure House

111 Alinga Street, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Control Organisation

Tenants should appoint members of their staff to their Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

The Emergency Planning Committee’s main responsibilities include developing and maintaining the Emergency Plan, establishing the ECO and developing and managing formalising training schedules. Meetings are conducted at least every annum. Tenants are encouraged to be involved and take some ownership for the process.

The individuals assigned to the ECO should feel comfortable giving direction to other employees and taking charge in the event of an emergency situation.

Each ECO includes the following positions:
  • Chief Warden
  • Deputy Chief Warden
  • Communications Officer
  • Deputy Communications Officer
  • Floor / Area Wardens
  • Deputy Floor / Area Wardens
  • Wardens
  • Deputy Wardens
  • Chief Warden: The person in this position will manage the ECO. In the event of an emergency, they will direct and oversee the orderly evacuation of all their employees within their work area. During the fire drill process, Chief Wardens are requested to evaluate the performance of their teams.
  • Deputy Chief Warden: The person who assumes this role will assist the Chief Warden and assume that role in the absence of the Chief Warden.
  • Communications Officer: The Communications Officer must be capable of effectively communicating with occupants and visitors and be trained in using communication devices. The Communications Officer must ensure that the appropriate Emergency Service has been notified and transmit instructions and information.
  • Deputy Communications Officer: The person who assumes this role will aid the Communications Officer and take up that role in the absence of the Communications Officer
  • Floor or Area Wardens: Floor and Area Wardens must implement emergency response procedures and maintain orderly conduct by ensuring quiet and calm in the event of an emergency evacuation. Floor and Area Wardens must ensure all occupants have evacuated the area, exit the building and report to the Chief Warden. Floor / Area wardens must co-ordinate the completion of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for occupants and persons with a disability.
  • Wardens: Wardens are responsible for ensuring that all occupants are aware of the emergency response procedures. In the event of an emergency, Wardens check that fire and smoke doors are properly closed and ensure the orderly flow of people into protected areas such as stairways.
  • Backup Personnel: These people are assigned to be on standby to fill any of the positions above, as necessary.
The number of ECO members appointed should be commensurate to the size and characteristics of the floor and building.
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