Card Access System

Bankers Court

850 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary , Alberta

Card Access System

Base Building System
Access to the office tower is restricted to authorized persons from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. weekdays; and from 6:00 p.m. Friday until 6:00 a.m. the first regular working day of the next week.

The locations of the base building exterior entrance card readers are:
  • Retail and main lobby entrances, corner of 3rd Street SW and 9th Avenue SW; and from 9th Avenue SW.
  • Plus 15 from Bankers Hall, Retail Level 2 from the east corridor.

Tenants, upon leasing space, are requested to contact the Security Room and arrange for the necessary access cards for all employees who may require access. New or replacement access cards will be subject to a fee (refer to Financial Requirements for details). Once a card has been issued, it is the tenant’s responsibility for the safekeeping and control. It is recommended that the tenant have one employee designated as the point of contact for authorizing card access requests.

Any required security card additions and/or deletions must be made by completing the “Security Card Access Change form” located in ”Forms and Manuals” or, preferably, a request sent by e-mail to the Security Control Room ( Only the authorized tenant representative may submit the change form.

After Hours Access for Tradesman
It is required that tenants complete a “Work Authorization Permit” for any visitors or contractors working in the Building and return it to the Management Office for approval at least 48 hurs before..

Each Work Authorization Permit must have attached a Certificate of Insurance naming the Landlord as co-insured or additional insured:

  • Brookfield Properties (BHT) Ltd. and bcIMC Realty Corporation, Brookfield Office Properties Management LP,
    Brookfield Office Properties Management Corporation,
    Brookfield Properties Ltd. and The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada
Each permit must also have a WCB Clearance letter attached to it. Any company performing a service for a tenant should have WCB coverage and all premiums should be paid in full to receive a clearance letter. If a contractor is hired and the premiums are not up to date, WCB has the right to require the tenant to pay all outstanding premiums and, should an injury occur, the tenant will be responsible for all costs associated with that injury.

No tradesmen will be permitted to access or work during off-hours without the prior approval of the tenant and Property Management. All tower elevator movements from the lobby upwards or from floor-to-floor will be controlled by the pre-programmed data on the access card. Security Guards or building staff will not, under any circumstances, open doors or permit access to any building areas except for pre-authorized tradesmen limited to a specific area.

Please provide us with the names and telephone numbers (home and/or office) of those individuals who may authorize access to your premises during off-hours. All individuals will be denied access during off-hours if they do not have an appropriate access card.

The Security Guard will not, under any circumstances, utilize his/her access card unless he/she has received authorization by telephoning an individual on your list.
Tenant Handbook