Card Access System

Place de Ville II

330 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Card Access System

Brookfield strives to provide a safe environment for tenants and their employees, guests, customers, and visitors. For this reason, access to the building is restricted. Place de Ville is open to tenants at all times, but public access is limited at certain hours. Building doors are open during the times listed in the Hours of Operation section.

Outside of these times only tenant employees using Place de Ville security access cards, or visitors, vendors, and customers who are sponsored by tenants, may be admitted to tenant areas. All visitors without proper after-hours authorization are referred to Building Security at all other times.

After-Hours Building Entry
To gain access to the Building after-hours and on non-business days use a street entrance or the parking garage elevators to the lobby floor. After hours procedures are in effect during the following times:

6:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. Monday – Friday

24 Hours Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
Tenants should send a written request to the Management Office for after-hours and non-business days access for temporary employees, contractors, telephone workers, etc.

Access will not be granted without your written request being on file.

Vendor/Contractor Access:
There may be special instances when vendors or contractors need to perform work in your suite during non-business hours. In such instances, please provide written notification to the Building Management Office on the attached after hours access form including:

The company name
Foreman or supervisor
Names of all people who will be doing the work
Date(s) the work will be performed
Time the contractor will arrive and depart
Description of the work being done

Building staff will not admit your contractor into your suite. Please make arrangements to meet the vendor or provide them with keys.

Handicap accessible entrances provide easy access to and from Place de Ville, the entrances and egress are as follows:

Albert Street, Kent Street, Queen Street (North and South sides) and Sparks Street.

Keys and Locks

Upon moving into the building, Place de Ville tenants receive keys for their entrance doors. Additional keys and locks can be purchased by calling the Management Office at (613) 783-0930. All locks and keys must be building standard.
Tenant Handbook