Brookfield Properties Emergency Alert System

Royal Centre

1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Brookfield Properties Emergency Alert System

Brookfield is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all Tenants and visitors in their properties. In keeping with this commitment, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented a National Emergency Alert and notification system called Brookfield Properties Emergency Alert System (BP-EAS) or "Send Word Now". In the event of an emergency, we will use this powerful tool to notify and update predetermined Tenant representatives of building emergencies and/or service outages.

The "Send Word Now" Emergency Alert System will send Tenant Representatives phone, e-mail and text messages to various contact points, including office/home phones, cell/satellite phone, email accounts, alpha pagers, BlackBerry, etc. The software that this system utilizes has been implemented in our entire US Portfolio and has proven to be a dependable, robust service, even under trying circumstances like blackouts and severe weather.

The system will also allow you to respond to messages sent to you. You may be given pre-defined responses following the alert message. Responding back is as simple as pressing a corresponding number on the keypad of your phone, or replying back to an email message.
The building management has kept a database of all Tenant Emergency Contact information on the “Send Word Now” Emergency Alert System. Please contact the management office from time to time for any updates on the tenant emergency lists. For more information on BP-EAS please contact your Security Manager.
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