Bomb Threats

Exchange Tower

130 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Bomb Threats

Statistics have shown that Canada is a relatively safe country, where the vast majority of threats and acts of terrorism are hoaxes.  However, as the potential injury to persons and damage to property is great, all situations must be dealt with as if they are real.  If you receive a bomb threat, take it seriously.

If you receive a Bomb Threat by Phone:
1) The person receiving the call should be prepared to obtain precise information including:
  • Time of the call
  • Exact wording of the threat
  • Any distinguishing characteristics of the caller such as the voice or background noises.
2) Call 911 to notify police.
3) Call the Property Management Office and/or Building Security.

A search of tenant premises cannot be performed effectively by police or Brookfield personnel as they are unfamiliar with the environment and cannot readily identify items that are foreign or out of place.  Personnel who work in the area of the threat are able to perform a more thorough search.  It is recommended that your Fire Safety Team utilize employee volunteers to assist with the search.  Brookfield Staff, Building Security and/or police will assist them.

During the search procedure remember this rule: Look for something that doesn’t belong, that is out of the ordinary, or out of place.  Conduct the search quickly but thoroughly. Keeping the search time to a maximum of 15-20 minutes.  If an unidentified or suspicious object is found,

In the event that a suspicious object is found, local police or Brookfield Staff and Building Security may recommend a partial or complete evacuation.

The search of common areas is the responsibility of Brookfield Staff and Building Security.

For further information regarding Emergency Medical or Fire Procedures, Tenant Fire Safety Teams, Fire Drills or Bomb Threat Procedures, please contact the Exchange Tower Property Management Office at (416) 864-6210.
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