Additional Security Services

Place de Ville II

330 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Additional Security Services

Tenant Security Services
Tenants may require security services in addition to those typically provided on a day-to-day basis by Brookfield security personnel. If extra security measures are required, the tenant should call the Building Manager to discuss these needs and the best way to fulfill them.

Civil Unrest
Should a riot or civil disturbance start outside the Building, the security guards will immediately lock all entrances to the Building. The police will be notified. We will keep you informed.

If a disturbance should occur in the main lobby, all elevators will be turned off at the first floor and the police will be summoned.

Elevator Malfunction
Occasionally elevator service can be interrupted when the control panel perceives a possibly dangerous situation. Our Building's elevator equipment is designed to stop at the slightest hint of an unsafe condition occurring, which may be a threat to the passengers.

If elevator service is interrupted while you are a passenger, remain CALM. Do not attempt to force the elevator doors open or leave the cab.

Press the ALARM BUTTON on the elevator panel which will summon assistance via an intercom with the lobby security desk which is manned 24 hours a day.

If it appears that you will be delayed for a prolonged period, the security guard will make whatever telephone calls you wish to advise family or appointments of the delay.

Heightened Alert
Local, national, or international events may dictate that additional measures should be put in place to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants. For example, extra security precautions may be necessary during trials of individuals accused of serious crime or following incidents or threats of world terrorism. Brookfield's goal is to institute appropriate security measures without undue inconvenience to building users. Such measures may include the following:

Extra or more frequent patrols by security officers, including areas outside the building, with special attention paid to apparently suspicious vehicles, suspicious persons loitering in the area, and unattended vehicles or packages

More frequent inspection of restroom facilities, stairwells, and trash receptacles

Higher security visibility

Greater attention paid to all persons or vehicles seeking to enter the building at loading docks and freight areas (loading docks and freight elevators may be closed)

Restrictions on building access

Please feel free to contact the property manager at any time about these or other security issues.

Major Water Leaks
Persons discovering water leaks should immediately report them to the Management Office. Be certain to give your name, firm name, location, and extent of the leak. If water is coming through the ceiling, and if it is feasible, close all open drawers in the vicinity, move papers or work in progress, place wastebaskets or buckets under leak(s) and move furniture.

Severe Weather
When severe weather conditions become apparent, Environment Canada describes conditions by two (2) classifications, a Watch or a Warning. This applies to the reporting of severe thunderstorms, the approach of weather conditions favoring the formation of tornadoes, a hurricane condition, a winter storm condition, etc. A Watch becomes effective when atmospheric conditions are right to produce the particular weather phenomenon. A Warning means that the weather condition has been spotted and prompt action must be taken for safety.

Except in very rare circumstances, the decision to evacuate the building based on the above weather reports will not be made by Building Management, but rather by each Tenant Company. However, in the event these conditions do exist, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

Move away from outside windows. If the windows in your offices are supplied with blinds, close the blinds (this will provide protection from broken glass).

Do not panic.

If evacuated, lock all desk drawers and take all items of value with you.

If evacuated, use a route that is in the building interior and stay away from large expanses of glass and windows.

Use the stairwells rather than the elevators.

If evacuated, do not return to your office until advised to do so.

Tenant Emergency Personnel
Tenant Floor Wardens

A crucial step in the development of an evacuation plan is the appointment of Tenant Floor Wardens, and Alternates; these individuals should have strong personalities and the ability to take charge in the event of an emergency. Strong decision action early in an emergency may save lives.

In the case of multiple-tenant floors, a Floor Warden is appointed for each tenant. Each tenant will be required to man all safety team positions on each floor and should check stairwells and restrooms in an emergency.

Floor Warden's Responsibilities
Know all disabled persons on the floor (including those temporarily disabled, as with a bone fracture, etc.) and assign people who are capable of evacuating disabled employees down the Emergency Stairwells.

Instruct all employees on the floor as to the following:
Locations of Emergency Stairwells
Locations of Fire Extinguishers
Locations of Fire-Pull Stations
Never to use the Elevators during and alarm
Establish a meeting place outside the building where all employees should assemble for check-in.
Insure that no one re-enters the building.

Threatening Person

Report any situation involving a threatening person to the Ottawa Police Department by calling 911 and notify building management.

Provide as much information as possible including a physical description of the person(s) and their location, whether or not they are armed, the number of hostages and their location (if any).

Report the presence of suspicious individuals in or about the property to building management. A physical description of the person and the location they were last seen will also be important information to communicate.

Unsafe Conditions
If an unsafe condition - a slippery floor, debris left in a common area, broken glass, etc. - is noticed, please notify a security officer or the building management office immediately. Brookfield staff inspects the property regularly; however, problems you might see sooner are addressed immediately.
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