Deliveries / Loading Dock / Freight Elevator

1250 Connecticut Avenue

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Deliveries / Loading Dock / Freight Elevator

The loading dock is located in the rear alley of the building. The loading dock can only be used for tenant's furniture and construction deliveries, construction debris, building trash removal, and construction personnel transport.

During normal operating hours, users of the loading dock are permitted to occupy dock space for a period of no longer than 30 minutes. Once loading or unloading is complete, the vehicle must leave the dock area. At no time during operating hours shall parking be allowed at the loading dock.

Use of 1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW’s loading dock must be in compliance with the following:
  • All vehicles are limited to 30 minutes in the loading dock during regular hours
  • All vehicles, toolboxes, etc. and their contents are subject to inspection
  • After hours, weekend, and building holiday use must be prearranged with the Management Office
  • All engines must be turned off
  • No smoking, radio playing, littering, or disorderly behavior is permitted
  • All pallets, boxes, refuse, etc. must be removed from the premises
  • Doors leading to the freight elevators must not be propped open
  • All goods loaded onto the freight elevators must be packaged properly
  • Loose materials such as sand and cement must be transported in sealed bags
  • Any violators may be removed, denied future access, or result in the vehicle being ticketed or towed
  • All loading dock users must meet insurance requirements of the Property Manager
  • Damage caused to the loading dock, freight elevator, tenant, or public areas of the building must be reported immediately to the Property Management Office, and satisfactory arrangements must be made to repair the damage at the contractor's, vendor’s, or tenant’s expense.
Users of the loading dock are required to leave the area(s) clean and free of debris. Use of the building dumpster for debris removal is not permitted. If the facilities are not cleaned, the user of the facilities will be charged for the clean-up of these areas.

Dumpsters may not be placed at the loading dock during normal operating hours without the prior authorization of the Property Management Office.
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