About Brookfield & 245 Park Avenue

245 Park Avenue

245 Park Avenue, New York, New York

About Brookfield & 245 Park Avenue

Brookfield Properties, one of North America’s largest commercial real estate companies, owns, develops and manages premier office properties in the downtown cores of major North American cities. US operations are headquartered in New York City.

As a leader in the development, leasing and management of prime commercial properties throughout North America, our goal is to provide building operations to ensure essential services are provided that contribute to the effective business operations and comfort of tenants.

245 Park Avenue
245 Park Avenue is a soaring 46-floor office tower recently refurbished to surpass its original quality. Imposing in scale but comprehensively detailed, the building provides a perfect working environment for the corporations housed within its gleaming façade. Located in prestigious Midtown Manhattan on a full square block at the foot of Park Avenue, the circa 1965 office building is the first in a series of modern corporate headquarters that transformed the Avenue into one of the most distinguished corporate corridors in the world.

Constructed of glazed brick, glass and steel with a sprawling, impeccably maintained outdoor plaza for both employee and community use, the tower has an unsurpassed presence on the local landscape – a presence that its recent renovation in 1997-2000 has only enhanced.
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