Recycling Program

Royal Centre

1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Recycling Program

In an effort to conserve the earth’s limited natural resources, Brookfield has instituted a recycling program at the building. All tenants are encouraged to participate in this program, which not only serves to protect our environment, but also helps reduce operating costs.

How the Recycling Program Works
Each workstation and/or desk will be supplied with a recycling container where the paper products noted below must be deposited.

 Glossy Paper  Brown Kraft Paper Coloured Paper 
 Computer Paper  Photocopy Paper  Envelops (all)
 Fax Paper  Gummed Paper  File Folders
 Magazines  Newspaper  
 Telephone Books  NCR Paper  

The following items should not be deposited in the recycling containers and must be placed in waste receptacles:

 Blue Print Paper  Plastic Bags  Beverage Containers/Lids
 Food Items  Carbon Paper  Kleenex
 Straws & Stir Sticks  Paper Towels  Plastic Envelopes

Each office will also be provided with one or more large recycling boxes to be placed in areas that generate large volumes of recyclable paper.

The Housekeeping Staff will remove the contents from the large recycling containers each night; when ¾ full or upon tenants request. The small individual boxes are the responsibility of the tenants (usually the individual working in that area) to empty into the large central boxes for disposal.

Royal Centre participates in a recycling program for pop cans, bottles and juice boxes. Each office will be supplied a blue recyclable container.

The Housekeeping Staff will remove the contents from the container as required. If you wish to participate in this program, please designate a location within your premises for your employees to dispose of these items. The housekeeping staff will pick them up on a nightly basis. All proceeds are donated to local charities.

Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain initial or additional recycling containers.
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