Recycling Program

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Recycling Program

The recycling program at First Canadian Place is currently one of the most successful in the City of Toronto. An excess of 75% of all waste materials generated at First Canadian Place are collected, stored and processed for recycling.

Here's a list of materials we currently recycle:
Paper (all types)
Shredded Paper
Organic Food Waste
Fryer Oil
Scrap Metal
Wooden Skids
Construction and Demolition Waste
Toner Cartridges
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Office Furniture
Computer Equipment
Cell Phones

Paper Recycling
One of the most important aspects of recycling is the correct placement of an appropriate collection bin. Each workstation and/or desk is supplied with a Blue Recycling Box where all types of paper may be deposited. We will supply areas that generate large volumes of recyclables, such as kitchens and photocopier rooms with a larger Blue Recycling Container. Please contact the Receiving/Loading Dock Office at (416) 862-6262, to obtain additional recycling containers if required.

Where does it all go?
The housekeeping staff goes through each floor and every desk every night to collect waste produced. All waste is taken downstairs to a multitude of collection equipment and compactors. Most materials are picked up and taken to the appropriate recycling facility every day. The materials are processed, sorted and shipped to the mills or end users.

Please note that anything placed in the Blue Recycling Containers or Recycling Boxes other than paper will be removed. Do not use the boxes for storage!

Kitchen Recycling
The following items can be placed in the separate labeled Recycling Bin supplied to kitchens and lunchrooms:

Plastics: pop, water, juice, salad dressing bottles; empty and clean vinegar, detergent, soap, windshield washer and bleach bottles; milk jugs, hand lotion containers, margarine, yogurt, ice cream tubes; ketchup and BBQ sauce bottles.

Cans: steel food and beverage containers; steel baking and cookie sheets;  and aluminum cans (all sizes).

Glass: glass food, juice, jam, jelly, sauce bottles; glass liquor, wine, pop, vinegar and dressing bottles; clean food jars.

Organic Food Waste Recycling
First Canadian Place Food Court and restaurants produce almost 50 metric tonnes of food waste per month. This waste is not sent to the landfill but actually stored in a refrigerated room in the building and then picked up by a food waste recycler.

Please contact the Receiving/Loading Dock Office for an organics bin for your Premises kitchen or servery.

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