Pest Control

Hudson's Bay Centre

2 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Pest Control

Pest Control services are provided to the office tenant premises and common areas of the building on a monthly basis by Steritech, an independent contractor. This service is provided after normal business hours, and is included in the operating costs of the building.

Retail Tenants who serve food are inspected twice per month. Other retail Tenants are inspected upon request.

Pest control involves a seven step process, of which only one step involves the application of pesticides. Although “inspect and identify” is always the first step in an integrated program, the other steps may be taken in varying order according to the situation and environmental factors. Certain steps might be repeated at multiple points in the process; for example, monitoring might occur at the beginning, middle and end of the process.

Seven Steps of EcoSensitive Pest Prevention:

1. Inspect and Identify
2. Monitoring
3. Physical Removal
4. Structural Repair
5. Prevention/Client Cooperation
6. EcoSensitive Pesticide Applications
7. Follow-Up

You and your staff can assist in the pest control process by ensuring food is stored in airtight containers, properly maintaining and inspecting indoor plants and placing all garbage and/or organic waste in the appropriate containers.

Should you notice any pests, please call 310-SERV to report the problem immediately. Advance notice of any pesticide use will be provided. Details on product labels and/or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available.
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