Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia


During business hours Building Management has a dedicated cleaning team on site to service the building and toilet areas. This cleaning team is positioned to respond to any emergency situation where required. Please contact the service desk if you would like to arrange for a special clean or use of this service.

The cleaning staff commences night duties at approximately 7pm. At the completion of cleaning your tenancy, all office doors will be locked and lighting turned off as required. In the event that your tenancy is not empty at the completion of cleaning, it is the Tenants’ responsibility to turn off the lighting.

Building Management and the cleaning contractor should be made aware of any abnormal rubbish loads that are required to be disposed of and any other special requests or concerns. Rubbish that will not fit in a normal sized bin and which requires disposal should be marked “RUBBISH” so that it may be removed. Food and waste should be separated from paper and glass for recycling purposes.

The cleaning contractor also provides chemical free cleaning wherever practical. This aims to reduce allergic reactions and provides a healthier indoor environment. Chemical free cleaning involves the use of water and micro fibre fabrics as well as citrus based and natural pH cleaning products.

To prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs and bacteria, the cleaning contractor also utilises a small onsite laundry to ensure that all microfiber cleaning products are laundered daily. This ensures clean materials are used every time.
Tenant Handbook