Tenant Emergency Personnel

Bank of America Plaza

333 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California

Tenant Emergency Personnel

Floor Wardens
A crucial step in the development of an evacuation plan is the appointment of Tenant Floor Wardens and Alternates; these individuals should have strong personalities and the ability to take charge in the event of an emergency. Strong decision action early in an emergency may save lives.

In the case of multiple-tenant floors, a Suite Warden is appointed for each tenant. Each tenant will be required to man all safety team positions on each floor and should check stairwells and restrooms in an emergency.

Floor Warden's Responsibilities
  • Know all disabled persons on the floor (including those temporarily disabled, as with a bone fracture, etc.) and assign people who are capable of evacuating disabled employees down the Emergency Stairwells.
  • Instruct all employees on the floor as to the following:
    • Locations of emergency stairwells
    • Locations of fire extinguishers
    • Locations of fire-pull stations
  • Never to use the Elevators during and alarm
  • Establish a meeting place outside the building where all employees should assemble for check-in.
  • Ensure that no one re-enters the building.
Tenant Handbook