Relocation And Evacuation

245 Park Avenue

245 Park Avenue, New York, New York

Relocation and Evacuation in the Case of Fire Emergencies

In order to ensure the safety of building occupants, it may be necessary to relocate or evacuate some, or all, personnel during emergencies. A schedule of designated relocation floors is provided to tenants in the annual training session and is also available by contacting the Property Management Office.

A relocation, and if required, a full evacuation, must be an orderly and structured process. Upon a fire alarm, tenants and visitors should take the following steps:
  1. Assist the Floor Warden in directing persons to the designated relocation floor.
  2. If possible, close all doors, as this will slow the spread of fire.
  3. Walk quickly; but do not run.
  4. Keep to the right in halls and stairwells and stay in single file.
  5. Hold the handrail when in the stairwell.
  6. Merge alternately when two lines meet at various floor landings. Proceed in an orderly manner.
  7. Do not turn back for any reason.
  8. Before entering through a closed door, place your hand on the door. If the door is hot, do not open it. You may be entering a fire or endangering the lives of the people in your charge. If there is evidence of fire or smoke on the designated relocation floor (doors warm, alarm is sounding on relocation floor, or smoke is present), continue down the stairs to the next “safe” floor.
  9. Adhere strictly to the no smoking rule.
  10. Keep conversation to a minimum.
  11. Do not use elevators when there is a fire alarm in your elevator bank. Elevators can spread smoke from floor to floor and potentially become a trap if impaired by smokes or fire damage. The Fire Department may also require the elevators to move equipment or rescue occupants.
  12. Do not return to your floor until the “Back to Normal” announcement has been made.
  13. If told to evacuate the building by Fire Department or Building personnel, exit via the stairwell to the street or lobby level, out the doors, and away from the building to your pre-arranged assembly point.
  14. Do not exit at the concourse or parking areas unless directed to do so.
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