Fire Safety

Ernst & Young Plaza

725 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California

Fire Safety

If you see or smell smoke, call Security immediately.

If you see flames, evacuate your area immediately and close all doors behind you. DO NOT attempt to fight the fire, no matter how small; it may spread faster than you think, entrapping you and others. A safe and orderly evacuation is the first priority. If you have not heard a fire alarm announcement in the building, activate the nearest pull-box, located near each stairwell entrance, by pulling the lever, and then call Security.

If you are involved in a fire situation, remain CALM. Listen for information and instructions being announced over the building's public address system.

At the direction of property staff or the Floor Marshal, evacuate the floor via the Emergency Exit Stairwell proceeding as follows:
  • Check doors with the back of your hand before opening them. If door or knob is hot, don't open it. If it feels cool, brace the door with your foot and open slightly to look for smoke and feel for heat. If the air appears to be cool, proceed into the stairwell. Walk down the stairs and exit the building. Assemble in groups with your Floor Marshal for roll call.
  • Personnel needing assistance should assemble near the designated stairwell to await evacuation by rescue teams
  • When all personnel have evacuated the floor, close the stairwell door. This prevents loss of pressure necessary to maintain clean air in the stairwells.
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