Fire Prevention

Heritage Plaza

1111 Bagby Street, Houston, TX

Fire Prevention

The following recommendations are made to assist you in disseminating a fire prevention program to your employees:
  1. Never leave electrical appliances unattended
  2. Never use immersion-type heating devices
  3. Avoid electrical overloading and multiple plugs
  4. Do not use undersized or lightweight extension cords
  5. Never empty ashtrays or throw matches, cigarettes, cigars or pipe ashes into wastebaskets
  6. Report failure of any electrical outlets or lights to the Management Office
  7. Flammable liquids should be stored in a safe area away from heat sources
  8. Keep paper at least six to eight feet away from operating machinery
  9. Know the location and type of fire extinguishers in your premises
  10. Keep fire extinguishers in high hazard areas such as photocopy rooms and employee lounges
  11. Know the usable time limit of the fire extinguishers available to you
  12. Know relevant exit locations
  13. Practice good housekeeping near your desk, in storage areas, in mechanical rooms and in the area of exit doors and hallways
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