Standard Additional Service Rates

Brookfield Place Bay Wellington Tower

181 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

Standard Additional Service Rates


 Building Operator

 $62 per hour

 4 hour minimum

 Light Bulb Changes

 $3 per bulb  Applicable to all non base building fixtures only
 Locksmith  $45 per hour
 15 minute minimum. First come, first served basis,
 cannot guarantee same day service.
 Maintenance  $52 per hour
 Minor repairs
 Material Handler
 $25 per hour
 Premium delivery service
 Security Officer
 $45 per hour
 4 hour minimum for security coverage.
 Security System
 User Access Fee
$315 per year
per card reader
 Applies to all security access card readers connected
 to the “base building” security management system,
 monitored in the Building Control Centre.
 Security System
 Service Maintenance
 $240per year per card reader  Business hours (8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.) Monday to
 Friday security system corrective maintenance by
 Diebold technicians.
 Security Supervisor
 $50 per hour
 4 hour minimum for security coverage.
 Special Services
 $60 per hour
 Minimum 30 minutes. Two person handyman team.
 Services should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Additional Rechargeable Services
We are pleased to offer Tenants the best possible service at competitive rates. Labour is performed by Brookfield staff or outside companies that we have partnered with. All additional rechargeable services are performed on a user fee basis and will be billed monthly.

Overtime and statutory rates applicable outside of normal business hours


 After hours air conditioning

 $40 per hour   

Outside normal business hours Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. No additional charge upon request on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Rate reduced to $20 per hour for requests booked for a  minimum of two consecutive weeks in a calendar year, with one week’s notice

 After hours lighting    

 No Charge
User activated lighting computer (user telephone codes for
lighting zones).
 After hours lighting
 $20 per call
Building Operator reprogramming. Free of charge if phone
code is used.
 Cable  $35 per
 outlet per
Bulk discount rate
 $2.50 per chair/
 $8 per
 table per day
 plus delivery
Delivery and pick up charges will apply for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Supply is limited; therefore, these should be booked one week in advance.
 Construction bins
 (delivery and pick
 $255 per bin
All construction garbage must be removed using bins ordered through Brookfield. No outside bins are permitted
 Moving Bins  $50 per week  
 waste disposal fee
 $110 per tonne Subject to change without notice
 First Aid training  $100 per


 Passcard processing

 $20 per card

 Depending on the type of card

 Security alarm response

 $30 per call         
 Attending to suite alarm after hours.
 Security access reports:
- 2 pages and under
- Over 2 pages

$25 per report     
 $50 per report
 Typical fee for average report
 Service elevator-labour  $45 per hour
 Security officer required. Weekday minimum 3 hours & weekend minimum 4 hours. Must be booked and/or cancelled 24 hours in advance using required form.
 Service elevator- utilities
 $15 per hour
 In addition to labour charge above.
 $100 per hour
 Minimum 30 minutes. Services should be booked 24 hours in advance or a weekly pick up can be scheduled.

As per the Lease, a 15% administration fee will be charged.

PST, GST or HST will be levied as applicable.

The above rates are effective January 1, 2015. The Landlord reserves the right to revise rates upon 30 days notice.

Please contact the Supervisor, Building Services at 416-777-4061 or 416-777-4069 for painting, carpentry, electrical, mechanical and special services provided by preferred companies.
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