Standard Additional Service Rates

Hudson's Bay Centre

2 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Standard Additional Service Rates

 Labour/Service Rates:

 Staff  Hourly Rate
 Cleaning (regular, minimum 1 hour)  $25
 Security (minimum 4 hours)  $35
 After hours air conditioning  $60
 Electrical/mechanical shutdowns  $60
 Maintenance/handyman (regular, minimum 1 hour)  $35
 Mailbox key replacement  $10 plus $1.90 per key
 Suite key replacement  Request quote
 Rekey mailbox
 Replace mailbox lock
 Item  Fee
 Security alarm response (per occurrence)  $35
 Security access card  $25
 Parking access card  $25
 Service elevator (after hours)  No charge
 Construction washroom cleanup  $50 day (weekdays)
 Table rental (limited quantities)
 $5 day
 Chairs (limited quantities)
 $2 day
 Table and chairs delivery/pickup

Overtime and holiday rates apply outside of regular business hours.

As per the Lease, a 15% administration fee will be charged. HST will be levied as applicable.

The Landlord reserves the right to revise rates upon 30 days notice.
Tenant Handbook