Severe Weather

1600 Smith Street

1600 Smith Street, Houston, Texas

Severe Weather

Planning responses to tornadoes and windstorms is difficult. Tornadoes may develop rapidly within thunderstorm cells. The predictability of windstorm activity within thunderstorms is not very accurate. Because of this, a tornado can strike with little or no warning.

If You Observe Stormy Conditions Approaching:

•    Turn on a weather band radio or an AM band radio tuned to KTRH 740 to get
      timely weather updates from the N.O.A.A. Weather Service.
•    Keep an eye on weather conditions outside to determine if high winds are developing
      in the immediate vicinity.

If You Observe Storms and High Winds Outside Your Windows
•    Immediately move all occupants away from exterior windows.
•    Close all doors to outside offices.
•    Move to interior core areas of the floor. Restrooms, freight elevator lobbies, and
     stairwells offer the best protection from flying debris.
•    Once you have moved to the core area of your floor, remain in place. Do not attempt
      to evacuate down the stairwells.
•    Do not use the elevators. Elevator service could be interrupted.
•    If a tornado strikes, wait until you are sure the storm has passed before leaving the
      building core.
•    If a tornado has inflicted damage to your floor, evacuate down the stairwells to the
     next lowest, undamaged re-entry floor and notify property management immediately.

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