Power Failure

1801 California

1801 California St., Denver, Colorado

Power Failure


In the event of a power failure, emergency generators will supply electrical power to emergency exit and stairwell lights, fire/life safety systems, and the elevator retrieval system for emergency personnel use. Patience is required while the local utility company restores power.


Remain where you are and wait for an announcement. Avoid moving about unless the area is safely illuminated.


There is no need to evacuate the floor unless instructed to do so by building or emergency personnel.


Do not use the red emergency phones during a power failure. These phones are to be used only during a fire emergency.


The emergency generator is designed to bring the elevators to the lobby level. If you are in an elevator during a power failure, please remember that it may take some time to recall all the elevators to the lobby level. You will be advised of the status and delay time over the elevator voice communications system.


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