Medical Emergency

1801 California

1801 California St., Denver, Colorado

Medical Emergency


Five Basic Steps


Basic techniques you need to know to save someone's life:


Send someone for help. Have them call the Denver Paramedics via 911. Don't leave the victim unless it is absolutely essential. If possible, also notify Central Operations at 303-893-9345 to expedite emergency personnel arrival.

Do not move the victim. The only exception is when the victim would be in further danger if not moved immediately.

Check for breathing and heartbeat. Put your ear to the victim's face and listen and at the same time watch for the rise and fall of his/her chest.

Check for bleeding. If you cannot stop the bleeding with a bandage or dressing, raise the cut area above the heart.

Treat for shock. Keep the person lying down and as calm as possible. Make sure that they are breathing, elevate the legs slightly (unless the victim has a head injury or fractured leg) and keep the person warm, but not hot. Do not administer any liquids.


Click here to download a PDF version of the Tenant Emergency Action Plan that contains a copy of the EMERGENCY checklist. This information is needed by the 911 emergency operator during an actual emergency. Please use the list to expedite emergency personnel. Most importantly, stay on the line until the emergency operator hangs up. This will not delay emergency personnel as they are dispatched immediately upon receiving your call. Have someone from your floor respond to the elevator lobby to guide Paramedics and other personnel to the injured person. REMEMBER TO CALL CENTRAL OPERATIONS AT 303-893-9345 so that Security can have an elevator waiting in the lobby for emergency personnel.


Illness and Injury


If a tenant or visitor is ill or injured, call 911 first, and then Central Operations at (303) 893-9345. Building staff will secure an elevator for the use of emergency workers, stay with the emergency team, and, if necessary, support the emergency staff in removing the injured person from the building.

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