Earthquake Procedures
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Earthquake Procedures


During an earthquake you will be safer inside the building than you are outside.
If you do feel a tremor, you should: Duck, Cover, and Hold.

DUCK – Duck or drop down to the floor.

COVER – Take cover under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture. If that is not possible, seek cover against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms. Avoid danger spots near windows, hanging objects, mirrors or tall furniture.

HOLD – If you take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture, hold on to it and be prepared to move with it. Hold the position until the ground stops shaking and it is safe to move.

DO NO ENTER OR EXIT the building during the shaking. There is danger of falling glass and debris.

DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. Elevators will automatically move to the next floor in direction of travel and open.

IF YOU ARE OUTDOORS, move away from buildings, falling objects, and power lines.


BE PREPARED FOR AFTERSHOCKS. If you are outside, do not return to your office until authorized.

CHECK FOR INJURIES and administer first aid if necessary (and if qualified). Do not move victims unless absolutely necessary.

REPLACE TELEPHONE HANDSETS that have been shaken off, but do not use the telephones except to report fires or medical emergencies.

DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. When exiting, make sure that the exit is safe to use.