Civil Unrest

Heritage Plaza

1111 Bagby Street, Houston, TX

Civil Unrest

Civil disorder may occur in a variety of ways. One way is through a demonstration or protest. Demonstrations, or protests, are often peaceful expressions of personal views. However, some situations can grow volatile.

Security’s course of action during a protest or demonstration is to monitor the situation and prepare to lock down the building, if necessary. We must keep demonstrators from entering the building. Often, Security personnel are the first individuals aware that a demonstration is taking place. Security will report its observations to the Property Management Office. In return, Management will notify tenants if a protest or demonstration is taking place against them.

Civil Unrest or Rioting

Civil unrest presents potential damage to property and persons. It is our mission to ensure a safe environment for you. Should a riot or civil disturbance start outside the building, the security guards will immediately lock all entrances to the building. The police will be notified. We will keep you informed.

If a disturbance should occur in the main lobby, all elevators will be turned off at the first floor and the police will be summoned.


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